Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why I don't want to "date"

It slowly sank in over two "A-ha" moments this last weekend.

Moment 1: While ironing my shirt, I realized that, while I will meet friends to go out "for drinks" or to a "nice restaurant" or even to a movie, these aren't things I intrinsically enjoy. I see maybe 3-4 movies in the theater per year. I prefer on-premise brewed beer to wine or cocktails. Fancy restaurants make me nervous that someone will figure out I come from a family that drinks canned beer.

Moment 2: In response to the visual in my head elicited by the question "are you dating anyone?" (followed by the sensitive and classy "Is your wife dating anyone?". This is why I fear M) I realize that much of conventional dating, as I understand it, involves meeting "for drinks", dinner at "nice restaurants" and movies.

So conventional dating requires I do something I'm at best indifferent about for the sake of spending time with someone whose company I may or may not enjoy.

I need to think of what kind of "dates" I would find intrinsically rewarding. My first thoughts are of hikes and bikes and runs.