Sunday, May 14, 2006

Explosions are cool

I went to the KFOG KaBoom fireworks show last night. An SF radio station puts on a massive display to the music they broadcast during the show. I had an invite from a friend to watch from their boat on the water. The fireworks are launched from the water, so the boat venue offers one of the best possible vantage points. It was fantastic. 4th of July fireworks in SF kind of suck because it's seasonally foggy in the evening, and fireworks + fog = multicolored fog.

They had fireworks that looked like little 3D cubes last night. I had never seen those before. They did a sequence in all green fireworks to Green Day's "Holiday", which not only looked cool, but felt very "We, the people of California, give you, George W. Bush, the finger. With fireworks." So I liked it. Other amazing moments were the U2 song, to which the sky was made to look like God almighty had spilled gold glitter everywhere. Just a really perfect night.

Afterwards, I crashed on the bed below deck because I was just wiped out and my side was starting to hurt. I'm being a moron and have gotten away from taking my pain meds. I'm out of the good drugs, so I figure I should be done with pain. Yet I am not, and because I take nothing to eliminate pain, I have pain. Funny how that works. Fortunately, I surround myself with sane and reasonable women who make me see the flaws in my thinking and get me to take drugs.

I got the code to embed the video from these guys. The video comes straight from KFOG's site. It's a big file, so click with caution. I downloaded the video from KFOG's site and watched it, and it's really good. If you've got the time and bandwidth, take a look.

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