Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Why spring is good

Oh beautiful
For flowy skirts
Bare legs and rings on toes
For strappy flirty sandal heels
And navel baring clothes…

Favorite thing about spring: Women start looking like women again.

It's a lovely thing to see on my morning trek through professional SF (and past Gap, Inc. HQ). With the weather shifting from ark-appropriate rain to sunscreen-required 70's and sunny, women have unleashed much pent-up desire to be cute. And I thank them, for they succeed at bringing the breezy summer sexiness.

And it's not just the professional folk. I walk the Embarcadero, a common jogging route, on my way to the ferry terminal after work. And just as I find it warm enough to row in my mere uni and t-shirt by the middle of practice these mornings, so are many of the athletic ladies of SF down to a sports bra and shorts for their evening runs. And I thank the girls with muscles for not being shy about being beautiful.

I have a robust appreciation for women. I can find something beautiful about almost any woman I meet. This doesn't mean I don't appreciate them as people, it just means I do appreciate them for being lovely. I'm sure those who know me well will back me up on this: I'm not a perv, I'm a fan. An enthusiastic fan.