Thursday, July 20, 2006

My life in bullets

  • This week I rowed in the 8+ for the first time since the middle of May. It feels good to be on the water, especially on summer mornings. This morning was speed work, up to 44 strokes per minute. I kept up, but was contorting my legs a bit unnaturally to avoid firing with my left. I had to focus on actually driving with my left leg. I think a 32 is all I can manage for now while still rowing correctly. I did 4 x 15 minutes on with 3 minutes off yesterday, 1:59.2/ 500m average for the four. Burned 1081 calories. It's a good sign.
  • Last night I had a match date. Interesting first: First time someone hurt my feelings so badly I had a total emotional shutdown during a date. We were being bold and letting "taboo" first date topics on the table. She asked about the divorce stuff. I can tell she thinks me a bit of an exercise freak. When she teased me that my fanatical devotion to training caused me to neglect my wife which fueled her disinterest in me, it struck a nerve. "5 days a week? Maybe that's why she left". I'd have much preferred her affection to another workout per week. She want to see me again, but I can't take her teasing. I think I'm gonna bag.
  • K is in TX, where her father is in his last days. She and I went through a "let's just be friends" thing (her idea) that lasted about a week. We're back to our unconventional closeness and understanding with some sex sprinkled on top. I'm glad she's in my life, and I don't know how to be with her and not be affectionate. I still don't feel monogamous. I check on her every day.
  • Yesterday I had a job interview for a great position here in SF, and I think it went well. While I haven't done the "get lots of interviews and offers, then make a choice" path, I feel I don't need to. It's a good path for me. I hope I get it.
  • High drama: Work is about to put me on a project in NYC, of critical strategic import. Folks know I'm not thrilled with my current work life. The CEO called me into his office to make sure I'm "On board". Whatever. How about an incentive system that encourages me to be "on board"? If I stay I get... more conversations with the VP of services in which he wonders why I'm at the company? More tedium? Forget it. There's no chance for advancement here, and I don't like my work. But I'm not going to tell them I'm out the door, because then they'll transition me out before I'm ready. And I'm not going to lie and tell them I'm a company guy and chug some Kool-Aid.
  • This weekend I have a crazy dance party in the city with the burning man crowd. I went last year, drank too much, and suffered. This year, I shall keep it under control.
  • There's a screaming hot German chick who's my new neighbor's friend and she and I are definitely interested in each other. She is, however, 10 years my junior. But German. And hot. I need to find a way to transition from our flirty conversations to an actual date, or something. How'd we meet? I'm at home, cooking in just my rowing uni, which is rolled down. So I'm standing there in essentially spandex shorts, and nothing else. She and her friend walk by the window at just the right moment. I didn't understand the German, but it was in the international tone of girl squeal which said "Did you see that hot guy with most of his clothes off? OMG!". I leaned out the window to see who she was. We made eye contact. Now we chat...