Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fateful choices

As of 8:05 this morning, I had put in more than 36,000 meters on the erg in the prior 14 hours. I did 90 minutes last night at heart rate 135-140, and then an hour on the erg with a teammate after on the water practice this morning.

I feel great, but I think part of the fatigue set me up to find myself in circumstances I knew could happen, and had sought to prevent: After showering at the boat house this morning, I rummaged through my backpack of clothes to realize that I had remembered to pack everything I needed, as usual, except one critical item: Underwear.

In the past, I had designated a pair to be permanently located in my backpack, as the emergency back-up undies. In case of forgetfulness or bad packing, wear these. But I'd taken them out.

Had I only been on the water that morning, it wouldn't have been that big a deal. We didn't get splashed or rained on, and I hadn't sweat too hard. I'd recycle.

But I had just done 60 minutes on the erg, and on a scale from "dry" to "soaked", everything I had been wearing was "inundated". The erg makes you sweat. A lot.

I stood alone in the locker room, naked. I looked at the undies. I looked at my jeans.

I tried on the jeans.

Not too scratchy. Careful not to catch anything in a zipper. Seemed to work. I went with it.

And thus, today, due to my own negligence, profound sweating, and a desire not to wear sopping undies all day, I'm going commando.

I'm going to text K to inform her of my lack-o-underwear situation. She'll at least get a laugh. She may demand a nooner.