Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Knee progress

I have been off the erg now for a month. I hadn't realized how long it had been until last Sunday when I sat down to do another 20 min test. I had no idea how much speed I'd have lost, so was happy to crank out a 1:49 ave split and call it a day. Which is a full second slower on the split than my previous record this fall. Ah, well. 2 weeks on the erg and I'll be fast again.

Today I was a bit late for practice and ended up on the erg. Did 3 x 20 min at 1:55/ 500m pace. It went well, I could feel burn in both my legs, and my knee didn't feel nearly as worn down afterwards as it used to after erging. Total calories burnt: 1010.

I'd like to resume my erg training, but probably not every day. Maybe 3x/ week max. I think the knee is improving. I need to do more erg work, but I want to give the knee time to rest and heal.