Friday, November 10, 2006

Morning tumult

Yesterday morning upon disembarking from the ferry I noticed sirens, police cars, and fire engines heading onto the ferry piers. A small crowd was peering over the railing into the water.

My first thought was "a corpse". I'd heard tales of the Columbia University crew having standing orders to tow all bodies found in the East river to shore for proper investigation by the authorities.

I choose to check it out

Turns out it was an Asian woman, in full tourist gear down in the water. And some dude had tied a garden hose to the railing to get down there with her. My guess is that she somehow fell in, and couldn't figure out how to get out. Which is understandable: It's all pilings, not a beach.

The odd thing to me was all the official turnout. 3-4 police cars, an EMT unit, two fire engines, a coast guard boat. All because someone fell in the bay.

My insidious dark side filed this away under "how to overthrow the government through terrorist activity". Phase one: create a diversion that gets half of the SF civil service force busy. For example, jump in the bay. Or put a kitten in a tree. Perhaps fall, and declare one's self unable to get up.

Then, in phase two, blow up a u-Haul full of fertilizer-derived explosives on the Bay Bridge.

I wonder if I'll get my phone tapped for writing that...

Greetings, CIA spook!