Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I hate my job

But I got a call back from the interview I went on last week.

Just a cryptic and perky message from a woman clearly in HR. We played phone tag. She's it.

It's hard to tell how to read the perkiness: Is this good news? Or will it be a semi-mall-speak rendition of: "Hi! Omigod it's so great to talk to you! We just think that you're so awesome! And we'd really love to hire you! But we're not going to! But we'll call you some time!"

Walking back to work after picking up my lunch, I grumbled to myself, worrying I might just take the job, even if I wasn't excited about it, just to stick it to my current employer. Teach them to undervalue me. I can't afford another career culdesac move. So that would be bad. I am curious to know what they'll offer me. I felt the over-sweet voice mail from HR chica could have been to butter me up to divulge digits in the salary discussion. I don't plan to spill any beans.

But it could turn out to be a great move for me, and I could find myself in a dream scenario of being able to quit job A and take time off before starting job B.

Or they could be calling to give me a cheerful dumping. We'll see.