Sunday, November 26, 2006

Working it

I did 3 x 20 minutes tonight at the boat house with a few teammates. I knew I had done that workout at a 1:54/ 500m pace a few days before my best 20 minute test this season. I have another 20 min test on Tuesday, and I'd like to improve on my previous best this season. So I went after the 1:54 mark to see how I was doing.

I made the 1:54 mark, at a low stroke rating and with heart rates that were under control. So I may have to go for it on Tuesday. I'll eat well on Monday, and get some rest. I haven't done enough sprint work, and I know from my log that the difference between good pieces and great ones for me has been being able to shift gears and sprint at the end of a piece.

I've had a delightful time with K this weekend. After a good chat with a friend who reminded me that I'm lucky to have someone with whom I've got such compatibility, I've relaxed a bit. She is pretty amazing, and I love the way we relate to each other. So I'm going to go see her tonight. I miss her.

And she'll soon be meeting most of my friends from business school. Some holiday parties loom, and we're going. And there's a piece of me that has kept my life compartmentalized and my classmates ignorant of my love life because I wanted to be seen as still "available" or at least didn't want to have to explain my love life to folks. But I'm ready to let that go, and let my friends meet K. I think my friends get to know me better by meeting her and knowing the kind of person I like, and she gets to know me better by meeting all these folks that I care for and enjoy so much. I'll continue to decompartmentalize my life.