Friday, January 26, 2007

Spring could be a lot of fun

My coach just sent out preliminary line ups for the San Diego Crew Classic on March 31.

Last year my team won the E and B age categories, and the club event. I was in the B boat.

First draft line up has (on the port side) Former Ukranian junior national team guy, the stroke of our winning 8+ last year, me, and a guy who was a US national team sculler.

Good company.

This is before our first 2k test, though, and before any seat racing. So line-up is subject to revision. And there are plenty of folks who will want those seats. I'm only worried about one of them. His 2k times are usually better than mine, though I don't know I'd lose to him in a seat race. All the others I have on raw power, technical skill, and, in many cases, weight, as well. If I weigh less, am stronger, and row better, I will crush you in a seat race.

So odds are good I could have a crazy fast boat for San Diego, which would be fun, since I'd be rowing with them almost every day for a month before the race.