Friday, January 25, 2008

Pop-up Sex Positions

"You know the funniest thing about Europe? It's the little differences."

I've not been sleeping well. And I don't feel like using my brain much, so reading's out and working more doesn't seem fun. So I watch late night TV.

Last night I had the option of

1) Generally more clever, rational and thorough BBC news and "Meet the Press" style shows discussing the issues of the day. Makes most of our Fox News style "heads in boxes arguing" look very much like "win at yelling" a la Idiocracy. The Brits may disagree, but they seem to keep it civil and rational.

2) The world finals of indoor lawn bowling. I am not making this up. Bocce played on a carpet. With full on commentary. Hushed tones of golf meet the same spectators for regular bowling.

3) A music videos channel that had, at the bottom of the screen, a virtual Kama Sutra wherein it would not only describe various sex positions (some of which were barely possible due to the tiny inconvenient details known as gravity and human anatomy) but point out their advantages and illustrate them via computer generated 3-d stick figures, which would rotate while joined, so you could see what they were talking about, from all angles.

I'm far from a prude. I just didn't know you could show illustrated copulation on TV. And I may have crossed the line into boring adulthood, but the early and pre-teen set who's going to watch the station doesn't need to be sold all the mysteries of sex they're missing. Yeah, our biology still has us ready to get it on at 16, but I'd prefer we not directly tell our kids "Go fuck! Everyone's doing it! Have you done the airplane yet? You should! What about the piledriver?" It's reminiscent of Mr. Garrison on South Park teaching sex ed to the kindergarteners, including important things like the dirty sanchez.

I mostly watched the lawn bowling.