Thursday, January 17, 2008

Unfunny Hillary

I think I figured it out. Hillary really thinks she's right about everything.

When I first heard about her flight attendant video, I thought it had a chance to be funny. Ultra 60's feminist type placing herself in an archetypical sexist oppression role had lots of comic potential. Lots of room for irony.

"Sorry! No smoking on the plane! Especially cigars!"

Ok, that'd be too much.

But how about having some "customers", representing dualing constituencies, each pushing their call buttons trying to get her attention, but making demands on her? Some teachers' union types lobbying against tighter standards, then immigrant parents wanting a quality education for their kids. Have her hustling to please them all. That's just one idea, it's mediocre, but it's got more true comedic potential than anything she did.

Instead she reads an unfunny scripted safety announcement that's as partisan as ever. And it's delivered really poorly, and she looks really uncomfortable doing it. Like it's someone else's idea. But she still agreed to do it. Showing she's trapped inside her partisan bubble world, in which she can't make fun of herself (the "return to NH" line is failed self deprecation... if I lose, I'll remind myself I won?) but is very happy to slam the "other side" with fluffy partisan rhetoric. It does nothing to sway folks like me that think some of the traditionally "right" ideas are actually ok, and doesn't humanize her at all.

She's not going to go on SNL when this is all over, ever. And that's why people don't like her.