Saturday, January 07, 2006

Back to a balanced life

Practice this morning was great. Obscenely calm. Could have rowed to Oakland. Would have liked to have rowed to Oakland. It was a mixed boat, but I was in 4, so I had a nice ride. Folks were pretty smooth and focused. Hit the erg after practice. Will erg tomorrow with my friends and teammates who are as insane as I am. I may go early and do my 20 min test, just to get that over with before I then sit down and do 6 x (5' @ 2k pace +2, 3' off). On Tuesday we have 3 x (1000m, 4' off) That will hurt. But I look forward to it all.

I did a ton of laundry today, got my hair cut and replaced the battery in my heart rate monitor watch. It was a good day. Tonight, dinner and night club scene with classmates in SF. Yay.

I'm contemplating trying out some conventional online dating sites. I've looked through many of the ads, though, and I've really not found anyone that really makes me excited. Some are after marriage, many are after money, some want me to be a traditional man whilst they play the modern woman. Some are just not very interesting. The most disappointing is that they all seem to seek "never married" folk. Now while I'd argue that there's little difference between me and someone who's had a long term, live-in relationship end, I respect people's rights to preferences. I suppose I will come with "baggage", but who doesn't? At least I know what it is to be married. I have no wide-eyed idealistic notions of "what it'll be like".

First dates with me will be held outdoors, and will require the ability to speak during sustained aerobic activity. More try-out than date? Possibly. If they don't like it, I'm sure they can find another caring, handsome, fit, articulate, sensitive, witty, passionate, sensual man who cooks. I hear we're a dime a dozen in San Francisco. I also hear we're usually gay.