Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'm OK

The appointment went well yesterday. The CT technician had the most calming and re-assuring demeanor I'd encountered in a long time.

They did three sets of images. One straight up, one with this dye in my bloodstream administered by IV. It was some high molecular weight compound that ends up going straight through the kidneys. When it hits your blood stream, you feel hot. Peculiar sensation.

Got the films, took them to the doctor. Bottom line: No calcium blockages, no blockages of any kind. So I don't have kidney stones.

But it was clear my large intestine was pretty backed up. So I took the OTC stuff I was prescribed, and things feel a lot better. Feel a little silly, if that's all it was, but doctor told me I was reasonable to get it checked out.

I still have that sensitivity in one spot on my abdomen. Doc thinks maybe it's a muscle strain. Who knows. It's clear there's a very specific spot that hurts.

I'll post some cross-sectional pictures of my insides when I get home.