Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I am indestructible

In my year of adversity, I have become fond of saying that I'm hard to kill. But now that I have titanium body parts, I am indestructible.

I went to the boat house this morning to cox, since I can't row. Just because I can't row doesn't mean I'm not part of my team, and I can help them by showing up and coxing. So I do. Plus they give me love and concern and ask when I'll be back to rowing. I love those guys like brothers.

My ulterior motive was to hit the erg to feel out my recovery situation and to at least do some lifting to remind my upper body that it's primary purpose in life was to pull. Hard.

The erging went well. I felt good. I feel no worse on the erg than standing around. Might as well erg.

After practice, I hit the bench pull for 3 x 20 @ 90#. The first set was hard. Then, my muscles remembered how to pull, and the rest were good.

Tonight after work I hit the boathouse. I cumulatively did 30 minutes on the erg at 2 minute 500m splits. Under normal circumstances, that would constitute a leisurely cruise before doing some actual serious work of some kind. But it's a giant milestone, given that on Saturday just 4 minutes of work tuckered me out.

My goal for now is merely to halt my deterioration from inactivity. I will work on getting faster when I am well. For now I will be pleased simply to hold the line.

I aim to be back on the water on Saturday.

I am hard to kill. I am indestructible. I will come back and be faster than I was before I started.