Sunday, August 13, 2006

At the boat house

Yesterday went in to pull my 10K.

Chatted with another teammate recovering from injury. His issue: pancreatitis. Yikes.

I put in my CD. I got on my erg. I set the drag factor to 110. I set the heel heights to be right. I found my last 10K on my log card, and set it up to row against it for this piece. And then:

Middle aged lady: Would you mind if I turned the music down?

Translation: I hate this and don't want to hear it loud. Plus, I am clueless.

Me: Yes, actually.

My teammate: He's going to do a piece.

Translation: People doing actual work get their way with the music.

Me: I'm going to do a 10k

Translation: I'm going to do some actual work.

Good news is that I cracked the 38 minute mark, breaking 1:54 on the 500m split, knocking 0.6 seconds off the split from last week's time, taking another 12 seconds off my total time. I left my heart rate monitor chest strap at home, by accident, so I did it without the benefit of knowing my heart rate. I may have paced it better, had I better info. I'm pleased with the result. If I can take another 10 seconds off each week, I'll be screaming fast by October, which is my goal. If I can crack 37 minutes by October, I'll be thrilled.

My right thigh is getting very built up again, which feels good, and looks good. My left still lags behind. I'm hoping it catches up. I've stopped doing the isolation work on my left knee after rowing, just using the rows as rehab work. The knee sure feels less feeble when I do that.