Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's so hard living in California

Especially when this is your weather forecast.

Training for San Diego continues to go well. We've been going through the usual spring rite of passage from lower stroke ratings to higher ones. It's re-learning to move quickly, yet relax. The last few practices have een not so good. We find ourselves asking, "Are we sure we raced at 36 last year? Can we make that 32 this year?" But we all know thathis is just a phase.

This morning doing 500 meter pieces, we found our race rhythm. After doing starts at 41 strokes per minute, settling to a 36 felt good. Then, later, we found ourselves building to 38 with just 5 strokes. holding the 36 for 2000 meters will hurt, but we can do it, and it will be fast.