Friday, February 02, 2007


I've put in more than 37,000 meters on the erg this week. I sat down for the hour of power Wednesday night and put up my third fastest hour ever. And I hadn't sat down trying to do that. Just decided to pull and not worry about heart rate management.

This morning I did 90 min with y friend and teammate. I managed the heart rate for all but the last three minutes, in which I opted to really pull.

I aim to make the B 8+, and I aim to win. Seems our arch rival paper club is pulling out all the stops and assembling a boat of former national team types to try to win the race.

I do hate that we have to race against "clubs" which aren't so much clubs as rolodexes. We're a real club, a real community of people. But last year we raced the rolodexes and won, though they had the very shitty lane 6 and we had the very nice lane 2. I can't say we'd have done as well in another lane.

I must say that the calorie burn (1420 per the erg, 1220 per my heart rate monitor) makes me feel pretty good. I have to live my life, and I have to work out every day. I've rowed every day this week, and feel great.