Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why I won't be voting for Hillary

There are many, but in a word: Dynasty.

Am I the only one who'd be bothered by the presidency being dominated by two families for nearly a quarter century?

1988- 1992: Bush
1992-2000: Clinton
2000-2008: Bush
2008-2012: Clinton

That one can't make it in national government without money and connections is already disturbing. So much for Jeffersonian ideals. We have an aristocracy. And it's not just Politics. It's business and entertainment. Fords at Ford. Jennifer Aniston. Tori Spelling.

It's, of course, human nature to use one's power, connections, influence and money to help one's family members. It's also economically efficient, and leads to a monopolization of leadership roles, making it harder for outsiders to come in. It's what happens in forest ecosystems: Tall trees shade the floor, making it hard for new trees to grow. So you have networks of old trees, and no young ones. Networks of families that have been in power for a long time, and few new ones.

I'll feel like the people are actually in control of this country if I see someone not of the political establishment nominated for the presidency.