Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Why the kid downstairs is a brat

Overheard last evening:

Mom: Drake, what are you doing?

Brat: (ting ting ting)

Mom: Is that your tooth brush?

Brat: (ting ting ting)

Mom: We don't take our toothbrush outside!

Brat: (ting ting)

Mom: And we don't bang it against the railing! That's dirty!

Brat: (ting ting ting)

Mom: I'm going to count to threeeee.

Brat: (ting ting)

Mom: One....

Brat: (ting)

Mom: Two....

Brat: (ting ting)

Mom: C'mon, Drake, please come inside....Please?

I have an idea. How about mom just, you know, takes the toothbrush away from the kid. He's big for his age of 2 and a half, but I bet she can take him. Oh, and numbers, by themselves, aren't scary. Unless something bad happens on "3", it's just an ill-timed math lesson.

The kid has no consequences for misbehaving, and he actually gets more attention from his mom the longer he stays on the edge of being bad. He's going to be hell in about 10 years.

I bet she feels terrible, as a single mom and can't bring herself to be mean to the kid. But she's being worse by not providing rules and discipline. He's going to walk all over her.