Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"I don't believe in your religion, but also, I do"

This is just darn weird. The Jews are upset that the Mormons are posthumously baptizing dead Jews as Mormons, to save them.

So if they're Jews, and don't believe in the divinity of Jebus, and don't think the Mormons have it right, then what power do they think the Mormons' ritual has?

Jews: Hey, your religion, silly words and splashing about of water are meaningless, since their supposed power arises from ideas that are totally wrong.... What are you doing? No! Don't dump that water on that guy! Stop.... Oh, Great! Now Moishe's a Mormon.

Mormons: Jebus only likes you if you're Mormon. He's all about exclusivity.

I suppose there's a level of intellectual consistency here, though, that I should respect. If you're going to believe in the supernatural, why discriminate? Seems you have to believe in all of it or none of it. I've long had a hard time with folks who believe Jesus rose from the dead and cured the sick, that prophets foretold things to come, and that we have souls, yet think faith healing, clairvoyance and hauntings are bullshit. Or those who think the magic words uttered by their priest imbue wafers with magical properties, yet the magic words uttered by other priests don't imbue other things with magic properties. As has been said before, if you don't believe in Zeus, Thor, Shiva, Aphrodite, or Odin, why not put Yahweh/ Jehova/ Allah on the list? What's the difference? Why not go all the way? Just one more god not to believe in, and you're free.

I'm surprised the Jews in question aren't also worried about Voodoo curses, bad Karma and unbalanced Chi. Believing in everything gives you a lot to worry about. Especially meddlesome Mormons.