Thursday, April 20, 2006

New roommate for me?

Last night I saw a movie with a friend who runs much of the Oakland Animal Shelter. She's the one who takes me to the Vegan restaurants.

Upon arriving at her place, I was greeted, as usual, by her two chiahuahua mix dogs which are total attention sluts. Because of my poor socialization, when I visit people with pets, I tend to spend more time greeting the animals than I do the people. Possibly because the animals display more enthusiasm to see me than the people.

After trying to divide my love and attention equally over the two dogs, who have and will fight over me if I don't pet both of them, my friend changed my focus by telling me that "there's another animal here, too".

I then noticed a large Kennel cage.

It's not out of the ordinary for her to house and foster creatures from the shelter that need a special home for a few days for medical or social attention.

Guess who was in the cage?

Yes. That cute.

I asked how she could stand to host such an adorable fuzz ball and not get attached. She explained she thinks of it almost as a spiritual practice of valuing things in the moment and being able to let them go when the moment is gone. She explained that baby kitties go into foster homes, but that the fosters tend to want to adopt them. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because they are tiny and cute?

After the movie, we hung out with the critters. I took some pictures of the fuzzball. Who decided to stop and take a baby kitty poo, which was promptly devoured by one of the dogs. Who then wanted to give me kisses. They were declined.

So I'll count the following shot as my first HNT photo ever. My giant hand, my giant shoe, and a tiny grey fuzzball who thought it was fun to climb on my pants:

My friend told me she thinks a kitty would be good for me. That the fuzzball is totally adoptable and that if I fostered him, it's only a short term commitment, reversible at any time. But since I'm not home for so much of the day, he'd need a friend to play with.

So I'm thinking of fostering two kitties.

I'm sure it'd be a great way to meet girls... Kitten in my pocket.

It'd be nice to have some fuzzballs to play with in the evenings...

I'm afraid I'd just not be around enough to give them the love they need...

Shall I get some new roommates?