Tuesday, April 25, 2006

On immigration

Unless you look like these folks:

...you're a raving hypocrite if you want to "get tough" on "illegal immigration".

Did Columbus have a green card? Did the folks on the Mayflower have work visas?

If a Mexican with little formal education and no English language skills can replace you at your job, you deserve to be replaced. It's called the free market. Deal with it, you racist, ignorant fucks. Maybe you should have paid attention in school? But now your lazy ass will be replaced by an industrious Mexican. Economic karma, bitch.

Bush is a motherfucking moron. And evil. I want to kick him in the nuts. That stupid self-satisfied grin of his. Idiot.

Yes, thanks to the drugs, I'm neither centered nor compassionate today.

Bad day to fuck with me.