Friday, April 28, 2006

Quad = good

Rowed the quad this morning with the guys I'll be racing with in Sacramento on May 6th. We're all decent oarsmen and decent scullers. But to get synergy in a quad requires a lot of time together, and we don't have that. And I'm really not great at sculling at stroke rates above 35 strokes per minute. In the 8+, 42? No problem. But at around 35 in the quad, I must focus on squaring and feathering my blade, preventing me from focusing on other elements like power application, swing, length, etc. Once you're just tryin' to get your blade in and out of the water with everyone, you're at your max. We have no expectations for the race.

The funny thing about this lineup is that I'm the "big strong guy". By objective standards, I am, but I'm small for a rower. I just happen to be rowing with three ex-lightweights. Tom is an ex Yale lightweight and was in bow of my 8+ that won at San Diego. He weighs maybe 150. Greg is maybe 155. Ari, who's a good bit shorter than I am is a little heavy these days, at 180. It's not all muscle, but he's working on trimming down again. I, on the other hand, at 6'1" and 180 am, in fact, all muscle. I'm the tallest and strongest. So it's kind of nice to be the big guy. My presence in the boat is felt and appreciated. It's gratifying to see Ari grinning after practice at the feeling of power. All in all we're a very lean and strong crew, so our power to weight ratio is great. Think sports car: big engine, light body.

A friend gave me one of her old iPods. She pre-loaded it with kick ass music. I've gone from Beastie Boys to Chemical brothers while sitting here at my desk. It totally rocks.

I'm going to have a good weekend. Wild party tonight, crazy birthday party for a friend and classmate Saturday night. And the weather here now rocks. I sleep with the windows open at night.

Life is good.

Of course, I've decided to take 20 mg of prednisone per day for a while, because that doesn't hurt my brain. I may be feeling good because of drugs. But who cares?