Thursday, May 18, 2006

Maybe Match doesn't suck

Yesterday not one but two women actually contacted me on Match. And they're both cool.

One is a Spaniard by birth, literature prof now. She seems feisty and cool. Not so sure about the spark, but she's an exotic brunette. And we know how I feel about those. She winked at me, I wrote her. I shall have a drink with her Sunday evening.

The other actually wrote me a whole e-mail. And it was thoughtful and considerate and clever and flirty. I was blown away. She and I have had a furious exchange, and we continue to click. I admit it, a woman who can be playful with language will always get to me. I enjoy the verbal play of the flirting. She's funny and sexy. I'm actually excited about this one. New feeling. She moves here from Utah in a few weeks. She's cute and tall and leggy. High school math and science teacher. I couldn't ask for better.

I feel good about all of this. I'm in a good place, dating-wise. Many first dates. This is what I wanted.