Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oh joy

Just got word that my soon to be ex is filing court papers for spousal support.

It's laughable. I suppose I was right that she has all the urgency, and seems to be acting on it. But it's not that she wants things over, she also wants them her way.

And I feel bad that, once more, I'm responding to threats. She threatens court stuff, and I get the mediation process un-stuck. She could get it un-stuck, too, but I do it for her because she's threatening. I've tried to stop doing more than half the work, tried to stop being the one to put things on the right track. But I think I can choose to do that now in the interest of not having to do it any more.

So I called the mediator, who's done very little for me, really, and hasn't done more than remain a passive observer of our communication breakdown. I asked him to actually, ya know, mediate. Roll up his sleeves and get in there. Legal retainers give the client no financial leverage and gives the lawyer no incentive to do any work. Not doing that again, ever.

Stay tuned. I may have to go to court. Or maybe I'll give up, give in, and get this over with.