Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Seems I spoke too soon on my knee. The PT wasn't really allowed to go over it with me, so I didn't have complete info. The MD just called me. She translated the medical speak. I:

  • Bruised the end of my femur
  • Partially tore my MCL
  • Dislocated my knee cap
  • Bruised my quadricep

Essentially, I fucked up my knee and am being referred to an orthopedist. Good news is he's the guy who works with the SF Giants. So he'll get me, and he'll be good.

But I'm fucked up, and the idea that mere rehab will restore me to pulling hard in a few weeks is an illusion. And these are injuries that hang on. So I'll be sucking it up and having pain for a while.

Now I must ice my knee and do my exercises, because I'm determined to come back. I will come back.