Thursday, June 08, 2006

Please, don't talk

Sitting in JFK terminal waiting for my flight. Stunning woman sits next to me. Tall, slender, long dark hair, trim tailored dark suit, hot high heels. Stunning. To get an idea, cross Denise Richards

with Laura SanGiacomo.

Stunning. Walking evidence that God is a man or an angry lesbian with a sick sense of humor.

I wondered if she was going to SF? I wondered if I could talk to her? But I have sushi breath. Where's my gum? I rummaged through my back pack. She answered her phone.

"Hulloaw? ….Oi ulreddy tewalked to huh tehdoi ind she sed she made sevin hundrid dewollahs…"

Ah yes, the Brooklyn accent that makes the listener dock the speaker's estimated IQ by 50 points. Kewawfee tewok with Linda Richmond.

It's NYC. I bet she was a model. Seen but not heard. Pity.