Friday, June 02, 2006

Fun riding coach

Thunderstorms delayed my flight from leaving NYC at it's scheduled 8:10 PM. We didn't board till about 9, didn't close the door till about 11, and didn't get in the air until 12:10 AM. Which meant touching down in Oakland at 3 AM Pacific. I was in bed at 4 am. On a rowing day, that would mean 1 hour of sleep. Yay!

It wasn't terrible. Jet Blue. TV. I was entertained. My iPod ran out of juice, which I had planned for. I had Sudoku puzzles. My only complaint: The guy next to me was definitely from some other part of the planet where the culture hadn't embraced the consumerism and unnatural extravagance that is deodorant. The dude had serious BO. Stuck on the plane for 9 hours next to BO boy. Good times.

I try to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he'd been traveling for a long time and needed a shower. But I don't think standard travel enables normal humans to cultivate that kind of long-range detectable funk. He'd get up to go to the bathroom, and it was very clear who was stinky. Damn.

Had the MRI, have images on CD. My untrained eye can see what's swollen and inflamed, but can' find anything that looks like a broken or torn MCL. I'm going to wait for a doctor's opinion before I rejoice. I did see something that bothered me... Once I know which images are the important ones that prove my situation, I'll put them up.

Must try to do some work now, on 4 hours sleep. Yippee!