Friday, June 16, 2006

Path Back

I made a lot of progress with the knee this week. I took some stairs two at a time, out of habit, with no adverse consequences. I can go down stairs without fear or wincing. My range of motion is nearing even with that of my other knee. I think the brace is a big help.

I went for a mostly level bike ride with my brother last night after work. There were stretches where I was only really pushing with my right leg, and I spent most of my uphill time in my lowest gear. I can't generate any force with the left leg yet. But it was good to move it.

My physical therapist noticed that I'm getting better, particlarly the range of motion. And she said it looked better, too. Every day, it gets perceptibly better. That I notice the progress helps me remain patient and gives me incentive to keep working.

I continue to hope to be able to row by the end of the month. We get beautiful days like this, and it kills me not to be outside.