Thursday, July 27, 2006

Some news

Not so good, all around.

K's father passed away on Tuesday while I was in NYC. She's handling it with grace and enlightened perspective. She had hoped to prepare herself, feared that she hadn't prepared herself, that it was impossible. In the moment, we found she was very well prepared. All that needed to be said had been said. Everyone was ready for it. Everyone was present.

We chatted on Tuesday afternoon, in between my meetings and then again that night. I called her on my way home from the Oakland airport last night, and she was in good spirits. Laughing and telling stories on her dad. Service will be this weekend.

On Monday, I got word that the job I interviewed for wanted me to do a second round of interviews on Thursday. Then yesterday, they cancelled, citing a "change in business need". Which sounds like standard HR bullshit platitude. I'd like to know the truth. It's possible they didn't want another senior person, given they have a lot of chiefs and few braves, so to speak, right now. Kind of the burger-less burger org chart: Top and bottom, with no middle. And if I'm clearly top, and they need middle, hey, I get it. On the other hand, if I bombed, I'd like to know why. I'd rather learn from failure than be insulated from feeling it.

Which means I need to do a good job on this project in my current job, since I'll be stuck with it. Which also means I need to launch a more disciplined job search. Soon.

I have tales to tell of my weekend. I shall tell them, soon.

Sneak preview:

Boys in drag
Public spanking
Ken gets inked
The kissing booth
Who says Germans are boring?