Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pabst Fragrance for Men

Sitting on the ferry this morning, I detected the scent I'd come to know as "frat basement" in college, and with more urban living under my belt, have also come to know as the odor emitted by alcoholics in the morning. Ethanol seeping out of pores. Liver crying out for relief, broadcasting an olfactory plea for mercy from anyone who might consider serving this body yet another drink.

I looked around.

Two middle America tourist chicks in front of me; dorky sweet office guy on my right. Nope.

To my left: Large, early 20's male, fidgeting in a suit, holding a giant purple 32 oz plastic cup.

Assessment: Class of '06, job interview after summer off. The cup was his right hand man for four years. Many good times with kegs and drunk chicks and puking with that cup. So the cup comes along to the interview.

And he smells like frat basement. Because he still regularly drinks enough to kill an ox.

I hope he gets his life on the right track. Soon.