Friday, August 25, 2006

Moving up

I did 2 x (1000m, 6' rest) this morning. It's the erg test we're using in a cross-program ranking to re-shuffle people into the right programs. Some of the intermediates will move up to our program. I fear some guys in my program may be asked to move down. Not sure how that's going to go over.

Last time I did 2 x 1k, I was just starting to train again, and managed 1:43.6/ 500m average for both. I ranked somewhere around 20 in the boat house on raw time.

This morning I did them at 1:40.9 pace. I had hoped for 1:41.5. 2.7 seconds off the split from last time is a huge change. Looking at the rankings from last time, it would put me at 12th on raw time. Not bad. Only 4 more places to go till I'm in the top 8. When I'm fit, I'm around #5 or 6. Which is where I need to be if I'm to make the club 8+ for Head of the Charles.

Of course, the age adjustment knocks me back a bit. And everyone else is doing a new piece this month, too. So they'll all probably improve a bit. But given that the ranking is on the wall of the erg room, it's nice to have something I can feel a bit better about.

On another curious note, I weighed myself this morning, and the scale told me 182. I'm not sure if I believe it. Seems high for me. I'd be shocked to be back at my racing weight already. But I have been lifting. Still, I think the scale's off.