Thursday, August 24, 2006


Trying to give myself some perspective, I hit Concept 2's site yesterday to see how my 10K time stacked up against the rest of the times on the planet. When I realized that taking just a few more seconds off my previous best (post knee injury) would put me in the top 200, I decided to go for it.

Hit the boat house after work, and found a heart rate pickup for the erg. So I had my HR on screen for the whole piece, and was able to pace against my previous piece for each 500m segment on the split. Ideal circumstances.

I took another 12 seconds off my time, to come in at 37:47.3, or a 1:53.4/ 500m pace. Nifty. Though I spent the last 3 minutes with my heart rate over 185. My average was 170. I did spike to 192 in the last 500m. But that's a good sprint. And it's why I can't sleep now and am blogging at 1 am.

My best from earlier this year, around 36:56 or so would effectively put me in the top 100. Now, not everyone who's fast posts times on C2. So there would be well more than 100 folks on the planet pulling faster times than I am. But it's nice to know on a percentile basis. When I'm fit, I tend to make top 10% on any given distance, which seems consistent.

I think that icing the knee every night and wearing shoes that don't make my knee hurt are helping.

But given that I still only have half my left quad to work with, and given that I'm nearly in the top 10% right now, I have to feel good about myself.

It's funny. Even though I was in a crew that beat some Olympians this year, I still need the numbers to remind myself that, in the grand scheme of things, I'm a pretty amazing athlete.

Self esteem moment.