Friday, August 18, 2006

Damn the ligaments, full speed ahead

Despite the potentially sad knee news of yesterday, I've chosen to forge ahead with my training. Since the orthopedist can't see me for a month, anyway, I might as well keep training.

I did, for the first time in a long time, the Hour of Power: 60 min on the erg, no breaks.

It went very well. My heart rate stayed rather low (140-150) for the first 20 minutes while I pulled at a 1:58 pace. As I took the pace to 1:57, my heart rate came up, but I still had my heart rate only just over 160 as I crossed the 30 minute mark. I then dropped my split to 1:56-ish, and worked towards managing a 1:57 average 500m pace. With 20 minutes to go, I realized I had a shot at a 1:56.5 pace, and went after it. Made it. Of course, my HR was near 190 during the last 2 minutes. But that's about right for the hour. I paced it right.

My PR for the hour is just sub 1:55 pace, so to be 1.5 seconds away from it on the split is a good sign. Of course, I think at my fastest, I can break my old PR for the hour.

There's nothing I can do for the knee except keep training. I also have a hunch that my shoes aren't helping: They need to be re-heeled, and the strongly eroded outer corner is stressing my knee, I think. I'm in different shoes today, and it feels better.