Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Sitting in the Bar at the W hotel in Times Square. Last time I was here was my first term in business school. I came here with my wife to hang out with our classmates. She looked great that night.

Started reading a book that I think will be very important for me. More on that later. It's articulating a way of looking at relationships which is very much the perspective I've been moving towards organically. It makes me feel a bit more legit.

Will probbaly see K tonight, who will be back in SF before my plane departs NYC. I've been looking forward to seeing her. Right now, I can't tell if it was my exhausting weekend with HGC, or my exhaustion from work travel that has me feeling ho-hum about it. I really want a nap. I hate Jet lag.

I do miss K. It'll be great to see her. I'm sure I'll feel the energy once we're together.

She and I are going to Hippy Camp this weekend.