Friday, May 19, 2006


Had a great date last night. Heeding the advice of some of my readers, I diversified my online personal presence to more non-marriage oriented sites. OkCupid. It's free, and you certainly get what you pay for, but they have a moderately interesting matching system based on questions you answer.

They system thought she was a good match, and I agreed. Cute, 35, athlete, feminine, sexy, bright, funny. Training for her first triathlon, has done marathons. Can handle camping and the symphony. She's running bay to breakers on Sunday. My kind of girl.

Went to Jupiter in Berkeley: Brew pub with great pizza. I got there at the stroke of 8. They didn't take reservations, but also didn't have a table for me. Put my name in, and they had one just before D arrived. Looking cute. Must say best dressed first date I've had. Attractive, sexy, but not over the top. Heels, jeans, tight black top under a more staid black jacket.

Conversation was fun and easy. We laughed a lot. The oven was backed up, ordered sea scallops on this potato onion pancake thing that was quite good for appetizer. We drank good beer, she offered me a taste of hers, which I liked very much: Sharing stuff is an open, inviting comfortable thing. She tried mine. Had a long chat about all kinds of things, including a little about our romantic situations. I think the "rules" are stupid. Seems she was engaged but then broke up. I explained, at a high level, what went wrong for me. It deepened our understanding of where the other person was at.

She's also got an MBA and works just a few blocks from me in SF. She seemed to get my sometimes odd sense of humor. Early on she admitted having some soup at home, not sure whether we were eating or not. I told her that was an excellent hedging strategy. That's the kind of comment that gets me blank stares from many. She laughed. So I was pleased.

We ordered a second round of beers, and I was feeling mine a bit, but didn't care. Walked back to cars, she took my arm, which I always adore. It's classy, and comfortable. I was definitely attracted to her (found myself wondering what her hair felt like, noticing the curve of her hips walking behind her down stairs…), which is a stark contrast to my last date, where I really didn't cue in on her as a woman. D has cool green eyes.

I want to see her again. Soon. My Saturday night is still open…