Friday, July 28, 2006

Progress and Frustration

I'm ready for my knee to be better.

But it's not. The muscle is still so small and weak. I know it's getting better, but it's frustrating not to be at 100%. I do my rehab work, I try to do as much as I can without re-injuring it. I'm just tired of it being sore.

This morning I did 10K on the erg, at a 1:55.8/500m ave pace, which is faster than anything I've done since before the surgery. So I'm faster than I was post surgery and pre-injury.

The knee doesn't feel unstable, it just gets sore and feels like I can't press as hard with it as I can with my right leg.

The progress on the 10K time is encouraging. I did my first 10K on July 3 and the split was 1:59.7. So almost a full 4 seconds off the split in a month. To be near 1:52 for 10K at the end of August would be amazing. I'd settle for 1:53's. Once I get below 1:55 for 10K, I'll try a 20 min piece. I'll shoot to break 1:50 pace. And maybe start some 10 x 500m workouts, too.

I guess I'm coming back.

I'll be in MN for a wedding this weekend. Wish I was home.