Thursday, May 25, 2006

HNT: Hands after the marathon row, September, 2004

In 2004 , I and three teammates and a brave coxswain chose to do the inaugural Petaluma Marathon. 13 miles form Petaluma to the bay, then turn and row home. We stopped every 30 minutes to tape hands and eat and drink. The most wear was on our hands. They blistered over pretty fast. We were already calloused, but it just doesn't prepare your hands to row for more than 3 hours.

We took a picture of our hands after the race. Maybe you can tell which are mine?

For the long race one of my teammates figured out how to connect his iPod to the audio system in the boat that the cox usually uses. So we cruised down the river with music. Other participants appreciated us as we caught up and moved past.

Since I call this HNT, I must link. So I do.