Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Current location: Trapped under a cat

Which reminds me of something my rowing coach in Boston used to say when one of our teammates who was quite good with the ladies would be late for practice in the morning:

"Charlie: trapped under a huge pile of women"

K is in Asia. I have keys to her place to look in on her cat. He's mostly an outdoor cat, but he's rather dependent on affection and human contact. And when K goes away, he gets upset and will tear out his fur. Yeah. Crazy. He's got a ton of personality. He talks. Meaows up a storm when he walks in hit kitty door. Tells you all about his day. "And then... And then... And THEN..." Answers when you call him. Loves laps.

He's currently on my lap, all snuggled in. He likes to stick his head under my chin. He insists that his nose belongs pressed against my Adam's apple. Who am I to deprive a lonely cat of his favorite position?

He's dirty. Long hair and outdoor living don't mix. But he's sweet.

I miss K. She's going through some tough times right now as her dad, who's well into his 80's, isn't doing well. She's on the other side of the planet. It causes her angst. All I can do for her is take care of her cat. And avoid making bad jokes about letting myself into her place so I could play with her pussy. Cat.