Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Straight to the front

I've been back on the water for two days now. Yesterday, stroking the 4x, today, stroking the 8+. Welcome back, after surgery, Kenny. Please stroke.

No problem.

Actually, it's good for me, since I can control the pace. The boat's not going to do more than I can handle, because I'm governing it.

Judging from the coach's lack of commentary for me this morning, I was rowing well. Though I think it had more to do with the fact that guys behind me were, at the beginning of practice rowing a lot worse. So they got the bulk of the attention. We've got some big guys who aren't so technical, and when they flail, they kill boats dead. Momentum obliterated, returning to base.

But by the end of practice, thanks to some good coaching, some attentive oarsmen, and (I will admit) some good calls from me via the cox, we got the boat moving well.

I am so happy to be back on the water. And it didn't hurt. To row a 20*.

*20 strokes/ minute. This is a pretty slow and deliberate pace.