Monday, May 22, 2006

Weekend update

Friday night: Out with the rowers. Cool bar very near the Tenderloin (yikes) full of very tattooed hip folk. I was clearly under-inked and over dressed. Not a room full of Banana republic shoppers. Had fun. Saw DaVinci Code. Had low expectations. Pleasantly entertained. Female lead reminded me of M. Her look and the French accent and the feistiness.

Saturday Morning: To the boathouse to do 3 x (20' on 3' off). I aim to hold just 2:00/ 500m splits. I tell my mates Greg and Ari to hit me if I go faster than that. I do the first at 1:59.6, second at 1:59.6, third at 1:58.6. Heart rates right where they should be. Only some mild discomfort in first piece from 8' to go till 5' to go. I'm back, bitches. I'll be on the water this week. Still far from full strength, but I'm ready to row. I am hard to kill.

Sat night: Barbecue with the rowers. Club director is out of town, one of my teammates is house and dog sitting and was nearly commanded to have a party. I made my Asian marinade/ glaze chicken:

A few pounds chicken thighs (skin off is optimal)
2-3 cloves garlic
2-3 TBSP Sesame oil
3-5 TBSP brown sugar
3-5 TBSP soy sauce
1/2 tsp ginger
1/2-1 TSp black pepper

Into medium bowl, crush garlic
Add sesame oil, mix to infuse garlic oils with sesame
Add brown sugar until sugar absorbs all oil
Mix in black pepper and ginger
Add back soy sauce until paste with consistency of warm jam forms
Layer thighs and paste in plastic freezer bag, mix to coat all thighs evenly.

Allow to sit 2-24 hours, refrigerated. Grill over medium heat.

I also grilled fresh pineapple: Almost as good as sex. We made screwdrivers with fresh squeezed juice from the blood oranges growing in the front yard. OMFG they were good.

The place had a hot tub. We used it. M had called me earlier that night to see if I wanted to go to a party with her. We've been keeping in touch as friends since we called it off when she wasn't cool with me dating other people. She came by a few times to look in on me post surgery. I admit it's been hard to keep my hands off the girl, but I've been good sticking to the straight and narrow. Even though I know we're still mutually attracted. I have not flirted.

On my way back to my place to grab something to wear into the tub, I called her to see how her party was. Invited her to join us. By the time she got up to Marin, we were out of the tub and the party was winding down. We hung out for a bit, and then left. I apologized to M, she joked that I owed her a hot tub experience. Feeling adventurous, I remembered there was a hot tub place up the road in Fairfax.

Long story short, they were open, we went. It's a rather clothing optional environment, which, having been to hippy camp, I was not freaked out to be around. This was a little more "clothing optional" as opposed to "nudity encouraged". We got a private tub to ourselves.

So my romantic life is complex. On one hand I wonder if I'm pursuing many relationships simultaneously to avoid being vulnerable to any one person. A stable of replaceable romantic partners insulates me from risk. Girl 2 is getting demanding? I see more of girl 3. This may be true. But I think I'm genuinely open to whatever happens with people. When I feel like I only want to see one woman, I will. But right now, I want to be open, and I've been honest with everyone I'm seeing about my status, as appropriate (I think it's poor form to blurt out on a first date "I'm dating multiple people").

My time with M was cool. Post tub, around 1 am, we opted to try to sneak onto one of the beaches at night. Parked outside the parking gate which indicated the park closed at 9PM (legal) hopped the gate (illegal) and made our way across the parking lot to the board walk to the beach. Low cloud cover kept the night reasonably warm and deflected the light from SF to let us see a bit. She asked why I whispered. I told her it was instinctive, and because I didn't think we'd be alone, and who knows what kind of folk are out here. Best to become aware of them before they become aware of us, gievn that she's a small woman and I had surgery two weeks ago.

It was a good attempt, but we lacked the proper equipment to really enjoy the experience (flashlight, blanket). We got spooked by a distant yet loud and approaching human with a flashlight and a dog, so we bugged out. But I now know how to do it. And where. It was fun to be adventurous and spontaneous. I haven't been that way in a while.

Sunday caught some of the Bay to Breakers aftermath in SF. Saw folk in odd costumes and a band of oddballs strip naked on the beach and plunge into the cold water. Lots of naked people in my weekend. That's fine.

Sunday night I had a date with a Spaniard who's a literature prof here. We got on well. She was feisty and practical and pleased that I had actually read some works in the original Spanish. She's someone I'd love to have at a dinner party, but not one I think I'd date. No spark. Nice boobs, though. But no spark.

Today, I met D for lunch, had fun. Will see C tonight for the Giants game. Her date. She planned it. I wasn't 100% psyched about her, but she's picked up the ball and moved things along, which I really do appreciate. Thank God for women who won't sit around wondering why I haven't called and who take charge and make things happen. Good for her. She wanted to see me again, and she's making it happen.

I'm going to give it this shot and see if we have any chemistry. If not, I think I need to come clean about that. I know we'd have fun doing things together. Just not sure I feel the desire to get horizontal with her. Or perpendicular. Or whatever.

All in all, this is all good for me. I'm getting closer to understanding what matters to me.